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I decided to start a blog because I like controversial stuff. I find myself scouring the news for stories that make me scratch my head and say “huh? Stories that to me make me slighly uncomfortable.

I’m just regular middle aged woman who has a boring life and who has decided to step out of my little bubble and write.


The Everything -But -Women’s March

Let’s call it what is is: the anti-Trump, pro-abortion-anti-Christian-pro-Qoran-man-bashing -anti grabbing -pro scratching  -children exploiting- rally for women.

Wait that’s wrong. Women who voted for Trump or women who are pro-life were not invited. It didn’t matter that it was supposed to be about women’s rights and that it was….for women. To protest. About something.

There is so much wrong with this march I don’t know where to begin. The signs, the vulgarity, the children holding vulgar signs.

Let’s take a look at the signs, shall we?

Great message! This 67 year old woman is holding a picture of herself at a Vietnam War protest 50 years ago. She was 17 and began the “flower power” movement when this picture was featured in “Look” magazine. The problem is the message seems misplaced.

It seems misplaced because most of the signs looked something like this:

“This pussy has claws”

There are so many signs about pussy this and pussy that it’s plain old disgusting. There are children there, some of which are very young and are holding vulgar signs. I did not want to post those because one day those children will grow up and will see their images on the internet of themselves promoting indecency and vulgarity at kindergarten age. They won’t see it here.

“I can’t believe we’re still protesting this”

This sign is being touted by an older woman. A woman who came from an era when women really were not taken seriously. When the questions at Miss America pageants were along the lines of “What should a good wife do if her husband doesn’t like the meal she prepared?”

The time was the 50’s and 60’s. Women who worked had menial low-paying jobs and were looked down upon for working at all. A woman’s goal in life was to snag a good man who could support her and any future children. If the “good man” part didn’t work out and she was left to raise children on her own because he left her or beat her, she was ostrasized. A woman was judged by how well she married.

So the woman waving this sign is not happy with the last 50 years of progress the feminist movement has made. She says she must still fight. For what I don’t know. Life for women today in America is full of opportunities that were not present in her day. Women can be politicians, doctors, pilots, you name it. They can take care of their families if by chance their husband runs off without having to pack up the kids and go to Mom and Dad’s. I am sad that she of all people can’t see the foolishness of her sign.

“Trump don’t make fun of people who are different”

Meryl Streep really started something when she offered her opinion on Donald Trump and his mocking of a disabled reporter.

This is fake news at its best. If you research it enough, you will find the truth behind that infamous picture that appears to show Mr. Trump mocking a reporter.

This picture was spliced and made to look as if the reporter is standing next to Trump. The video actually shows Trump on a podium talking about the following incident:

After 9/11 an article had been written in the Washington Post about some Arab Americans who were dancing on rooftops in celebration of the twin towers’ collapse. In an interview in recent years, Mr. Trump mentioned that he had read somewhere about Arab-Americans celebrating the tragedy. Every newspaper and other publication completely denied publishing the article.

It was making Mr. Trump look bad and we all know that he won’t stand for that so Trump did his research and found the article. It was written by Serge Kovalesky, the disabled reporter. Serge himself had denied writing the article, however Trump had proof that Serge had written it. Serge groveled a bit and said he didn’t remember so Trump flailed his hands wildly in an attempt to mock the reporter’s ignorance, or wishy-washiness- not his disability.

The fake news part is this: A clever photographer destined to crush Trump’s reputation had taken the video of Trump’s spastic movements and took a still image from the video where the image portrayed his hand pointing downward as if to mock the reporter’s disability. He or she placed the image beside the reporter’s and that is how the rumor started.

The reporter lied. He was wrong. He deserved it.

However the liberals will continue to paint the reporter as a sweet little man who has a disability who is being bullied by big bad Trump. Trump never mocked him for his disabilty. He mocked him for lying.

“My president blocked me on Twitter”

This one is funny because if you follow Donald Trump on twitter you can see how much hate he gets every time he tweets. Then his supporters get on there and they all hash it out about his latest tweet. I am glad that Trump blocks those that go too far.

“Black Lives Matter”

In researching this article I came across a blog written by a black woman who was at the march. She said that she felt she didn’t belong because there were so many white people there and that white women voted for Trump. This totally confused me. This isn’t a BLM protest, it’s a march for women. Ninety percent of black voters vote democrat at every election. It’s normal. They just do. Whites, however are more evenly split with only 53% of white women voting for Trump. The point is you are all women. Who cares who you voted for? March together in the Women’s March because….you are women.

“We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn”

This is the craziest of them all. They must be talking about the Salem Witch Trials which took place back in the 1600s. A group of stupid young girls in Massechusetts claimed that they had powers and could tell if people were witches. Only God knows why, but they were believed by the people of Salem and 150 people were accused of witchcraft. The only way they could be saved from execution was if they quoted verses from the Bible. Out of the 150 accused, 20 were executed, most by hanging. Only one or two were burned at the stake. Soon the people began to realize the girls were not telling the truth (ya think?) and stopped the practice.

Although this story has a place in literature and folklore and history books, it doesn’t belong at a march for women.

Where are the white males? Oh that’s right, white males protested (about being excluded from…everything) on 11/08/2016 by voting for Donald Trump.

“Judge me by what’s in my head not what’s on my head”

Everyone knows you all are smart. I have seen more Arab and Indian doctors than any other race. It’s not us that judges you it’s your own people. In fact the hijab on your head represents the opposite of what you are doing today. The hijab is saying “You have no say, you should go home and bow to your husband. How dare you look any man in the eye- how dare you walk so confidently and make your views known? You must cover yourself completely so as not to tempt men”.

I just hope your loving family doesn’t punish you. I pray you haven’t shamed them in any way.

If you really believe everything in the Qoran (which is everything the hijab speaks) then you shouldn’t be protesting. It’s one or the other. Freedom of speech and hijabs don’t mix.

“I will not go quietly back to the 50’s.”

No one is asking you to.

“Gun violence is a women’s issue”

Can you elaborate a little on that? Last I heard more men are victims of gun violence than women. Are you saying you are pro guns or anti guns?

Regardless, it’s really not a women’s issue. Its an issue for all Americans.

“My body ain’t your policy”

Your body isn’t but your unborn baby’s body is unprotected. Who will save it? Your womb was chosen by God to be the safest place for a baby to grow into a human. How could He have known that it wasn’t safe at all?

“Abortion is Health Care”

What does this even mean?

In recap, what I got out the march was nothing. There didn’t seem to be any specific agenda. When asked by reporters to be specific about what they were marching for, they couldn’t do it. They gave vague answers like “Equal rights” or “We want to go forward not backward”. There seemed to be alot of confusion about what it was really for.
For example, if they really were marching for equal rights for women, why weren’t pro-lifers allowed? Over half of white women voted for Trump but why were they not allowed? They are women too.

I want to end this on a happy note. Some signs were funny. Here are a few:

This is my favorite: (the one on the right)

Madonna Madonna Madonna

    1. Do you remember when Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America in 1983? She basked in her history-making limelight with her slow motion hand wave and beautiful white teeth showing. What a moment….

      Then, five minutes later she was dethroned, thrown into the burning pit of shame while magazines and news outlets all over the world thrashed her character by exposing her extreme faux-pas:

      She had been paid to pose nude back in the day. When she was a nobody. Pictures were published and people talked about it for years.

      Then not long after, Madonna, all 23 years of her, burst on the music scene. Suddenly, the same thing happened to her but with a different outcome. Pictures were released of a 17 year old Madonna stripped bare.  People tried to shame her but she wouldn’t be shamed. They tried to thrash her but she wouldn’t be thrashed. I remember the cover of People magazine which wrote “Madonna’s response to critics about nude pics -‘SO WHAT!'”

      So what. That was Madonna’s mantra then and still is.

      Madonna changed the world in the eighties. She did things that weren’t done by anyone before and she didn’t care what anyone thought of her. I loved her. I am a few years younger than she is and I bought into her independent flair do-whatever-you-want-and-have-fun-doing-it mentality. I bought her albums when I didn’t really like her music (I was a secret Barbra Streisand fan), and was mesmerized by what she stood for. Whatever it was. I still don’t know but I loved her.

      I have since grown up and don’t pay much attention to her genius marketing tactics anymore.

      One thing I have learned as I aged is humility. I am so grateful to be a citizen of the United States where I can be anyone I want to be and say anything I want to say without being stoned to death or where I can look at a cute guy and not be killed for it. I am grateful I am not in a war zone or starving.

      Madonna took advantage of the great opportunities handed to her as her birthright. She became a mentor to millions of girls and even became a humanitarian, adopting an Afican child. Many charities have benefited from her support.

      However, something doesn’t sit right with me.

      At the women’s march on January 21, 2017, she declared angrily that she thinks about blowing up the white house.

      The white house to me stands for a system that works. A fair system that allows its citizens to choose its leaders and gives them opportunities that many countries only dream of.

      As humans, we have all said and done things that might not have been us at our best. We make mistakes. Donald Trump is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of man. He says things and thinks about it later. Donald Trump tells things from his perspective.

      From his perspective you really CAN grab women innappropriately when you are a celebrity. That doesn’t mean he does it. Just that you could if you wanted to.

      C’mon Madonna, you know it’s true. You probably have done it yourself. Guys aren’t as offended by that sort of thing. Many celebrities know Donald Trump is right; however, he is the only one who will admit it. Back in the eighties, Mr. Trump was a good looking, rich man. You were a good looking, rich woman. You have a lot in common with him. Besides looks, money and influence, you both say whatever you want regardless of whether or not it offends.

      Why is it okay for you but not him?

      You have probably offended more people than any other celebrity with your affair with a black Jesus and masturbation scenes on live stage. You blatantly said “So What?” to anyone who challenged you. Today female entertainers routinely try to shock but it’s hard these days to shock because your precedent is hard to beat. In our day the things you did were unpalatable to many. Today they are commonplace because of you.

      I suppose what I am saying is that you made millions by offending people however you can’t take a little offensive remark or two by President Trump.

      Yes I said President Trump.

      Because he IS your president.